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Color Therapy Bath Products

Color therapy is part of a holistic wellness program. Our bodies were designed with the ability to naturally balance themselves. When we are ill, one or more systems are out of balance. Color, as with a color therapy bath, may be used to assist the body in returning to balance. Read more about color therapy or color healing properties.

It is reported that color introduced into the body can cause cellular and hormonal changes which may bring the cells into synchronization with the color frequency.

In his book, Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, Stanley Burroughs reports on his extensive research on the health benefits of Color Therapy as a good holistic, alternative medicine in the treatment of many diseases.


Color Therapy Associations

Emotions and moods can be affected by color. The colors we see or wear or even the colors of the food we eat can affect our mood and emotions. Each color is reported to have different associations of feelings and moods, and to have different benefits. Read more about color therapy associations.


Color Therapy Glasses
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Color Therapy Bath Products

Color Therapy Glasses and Colored Essential Oils

Other ways to incorporate color therapy are by wearing color therapy glasses or using color aromatherapy essential oils.

Color therapy glasses allow you to easily and conveniently experience the benefits of color by changing the light which enters your eyes. Our high quality color oils allow you to combine the benefits of color with those of aromatherapy.


Our Bath Color Therapy Product Line

Take a long, relaxing bath using our all natural ingredient, natural bath body product - Color Therapy Bath Treatments. The colors in these products are organic, non-toxic and come from plant pigments. Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials. They contain no animal byproducts, metals, chemicals, coal or petroleum.

Bath color therapy has the advantage over other kinds of color therapy products in that you are exposing a large part of your body to the color. With colored baths, you can take advantage of the body's largest organ, the skin. In addition to that, you're also using your eyes because you look at the colored water.

This also makes a great kid bath product. Kids love to jump in and play in a tub full of colored water. And since this is an organic bath product, you know it is safe.

For a natural bath product, treat yourself to a luxurious Color Bath!

Individual Color Therapy Bath Packet Set of Nine Color Therapy Bath Packets
Individual Color Therapy Bath Bottle Set of Nine Color Therapy Bath Bottles

Please note: Color baths are currently not available in the United States.

Wholesale Color Therapy Products

Contact Us about wholesale color therapy products.

Color Therapy Associations Possible Color Healing Properties

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